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Secure your website for $9

3/22/2018 Randall C Cole

There is no reason not to have a commercial certificate when you can get one for $9. Yes, you read that right nine dollars. At you can get a real Comodo certificate (2048 bit) for your site. Here is where you can get it for $9. This site is using it, with some server tweaking I was able to get my website to a “A” Qualys SSL Labs rating. Check out the cert that this site is using, yes it says Comodo, yes it is 2048 bits and yes it was $9.

The Problem Steps Recorder (PSR)

2/16/2018 Randall C Cole

The Problem Steps Recorder (PSR) was introduced in the Windows 7 operating system and is also built into Windows 10 and Server 2016. PSR is a feature that enables users to record their interactions with an application and provide a detailed screen-by-screen view with accompanying information. This is a gem for all computer professionals. Try it now, just type in PSR!

Learn to program for free

1/27/2018 Randall C Cole

Well as most of you know I like things that are free and have value. Nothing has more value than knowledge. Microsoft offers free tools for anyone to learn to program. At you can find all the tools you need to learn to program. Microsoft has released free tools for writing webpages, Windows applications, phone apps, and even databases. In addition this site provides detailed training all at the low low cost of nothing. Without minions Microsoft can’t remain the largest platform in the world (good or bad, I am indifferent). However if you are a student there is the Microsoft Dream Spark page. This page is pure gold for any technology enthusiast. Once a student’s .edu account is verified, students can download full versions of the Microsoft development tools and servers. This includes free downloads for the full professional versions of tools like Visual Studio 2010 Professional, SQL Server and Windows Server 2008. This site includes excellent training and guides to get any beginner started or hone the skills of a master programmer. Go look at dream! I am amazed.

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