The Armory

The Armory is a universal game controller rack. Both XBOX and playstation controlers will fit in the same rack. This product was designed, produced and patented By Randall Cole


The Armory was created in 2005 by Randall Cole. Seeing that there is a void for controller storage in the Console Game industry he developed the first Universal Console Game Controller Rack after years of development. This project was code named Prototype 41 and is now trademarked under the name The Armory™. Randall Cole was awarded the patent for this product on 5/11/2011. The Armory is created from the highest quality ABS plastic. This is the same quailty of the XBOX contoller.

Patent Info

  • Publication number: US7942747 B2
  • Application number: US 11/982,061
  • Sole owner: Randall C. Cole
  • Units produced: 10,000+
  • Publication date: May 17, 2011
  • In production: Yes
  • Patent status: Active and leased out

The complex angles simulate the last three fingers tips


The present invention is for a storage rack for game controllers and a method of using it. The present invention provides a safe convenient and practical way of storing game controllers when the game controller is not in use by a gamer. The advantage of the present invention is that it organizes the controllers as well as provides a decorative element to a room. The game controller rack includes a vertical member and one or more pairs of cantilever angle members or posts wherein the members have a predetermined lateral spacing and are angled outwardly and upwardly in a predetermined range of angles to provide support for retaining various game controllers.

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