About RandallCole.com

Why does the world need RandallCole.com?

It doesn’t. RandallCole.com is just my playground to learn new technologies. In actuality this is not a vanity site and do not expect everything to work. Parts of this site will be clunky and other parts will not work at all. This is my personal lab to learn C#, HTML, JavaScripting, Jquery, JSON, security, AngularJS, WCF, MVC, Web API and Azure just to name a few technologies. I learn by doing. I have opened this personal lab to the world because there are a lot of incredible mentors that I work with. If you have a suggestion feel free to share it with me. The best way to contact me is via twitter or the Contact Me Page.

The test lab

Note to fellow geeks

This is a data driven MVC 6 .Net 4.6 website with SQL 2014 database. It is built to be deployed to Microsoft's cloud service Azure.

This site uses Javascript, Jquery and Bootstrap for the frontend.

What is your lab like?

My lab is built on Hyper-V. Although I have done a ton of work with ESX, I find Hyper-V easier to work with. My Hyper-V cluster has an iSCSI SAN with 6 TB of storage. The host servers are i7 chips with 32 gb memory. Multiple network cards allow me to spilt systems across VLANS. Pair this hardware with my MSDN license I can create any test configuration I want. One day I will document the lab so people can do the same. This is not cheap, but you cannot put a price on the knowledge a lab like this can provide you. Next I am going to add a VPN to Azure and add cloud base virtual servers to my network.